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Homeowners Insurance

Alfa™ homeowners insurance protects you

Nothing can take away the memories. Birthday parties, do-it-yourself home improvement projects, that time of your life when the new puppy ate just about everything in sight and the moment little Susie took those precious first steps. Nothing can take that away.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, so it’s time to protect your home now. Your home is the foundation for all your memories to come. With an Alfa homeowners policy, we can help by providing you coverage in case of physical damage, fire, theft and liability. We can also protect your home and outbuildings, as well as personal property, such as clothing and furniture.


Consider switching to Alfa Insurance®

Perhaps it’s been a few years since you looked at your current homeowner policy and how much you’re paying? It could be possible to save more money by changing to Alfa Insurance – especially if we also insure your auto, making you eligible for an additional discount. A quick phone call could save you money.

Auto Insurance

Alfa is here to help you get the protection you need on the road.

Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel to drive? Chances are, you weren’t thinking about anything other than starting the engine and hitting the road to enjoy your new found freedom. You probably weren’t thinking about all the “what ifs” — the unexpected and unknown. What if you have an accident? What if another car hits you? What if someone is injured? What if you don’t have the money to pay for the damage?


Alfa Insurance® puts you more at ease by providing affordable auto insurance coverage to protect you from the unexpected. But, Alfa’s auto policies don’t just protect you. According to the options you choose, your policy can also take care of your car, other cars, payments for injuries sustained during an accident, rental cars and more.


Alfa™ offers you a variety of choices and coverage options so you get the protection you are looking for at a price you can afford. There’s even better news: Alfa also offers discounts on auto insurance so you can save even more money.


Watercrafts, 4 Wheelers, and Golf Carts

Think about your favorite summer memories. Do many of them involve time on the water, in your favorite watercraft? At Alfa®, we know you’ve had great times there, and we want you to continue to have great times on your watercraft in the future. Make sure you can continue to enjoy summer on the water by protecting your watercraft with a policy from Alfa. Alfa policyholders who own recreational watercraft can enjoy an extra measure of protection on and off the water with Alfa’s watercraft, motor and trailer insurance, written on an actual cash-value basis.

Life Insurance

Almost everyone needs life insurance. Whether you’re single, married, parent or non-parent, own a business or are retired – there is a need. Life insurance from Alfa™ gives you the opportunity to protect the future of others in the event of your death.


Here are just a few ways a life insurance policy from Alfa could help your beneficiaries:


  • Provide funds to pay off household debt like medical expenses, mortgage and credit cards
  • Cover daily living expenses after the loss of your income
  • Pay for funeral costs during a time when the average funeral is more than $10,000
  • Provide for college tuition


One of the best things you can do for loved ones is to give them financial security and protection from loss by purchasing life insurance. Alfa offers a wide range of policies designed specifically for your needs. These policies include permanent insurance, which provides a lifetime of protection, and term insurance, which offers affordable coverage for a set time period.

Business Insurance

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You’ve spent countless hours and dollars to make your business a success. One thing is certain: you don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to get. Let Alfa®’s business insurance policies protect your investment.


Alfa’s business insurance offers coverages for property, liability and automobile. In addition, your policy can be tailored to your specific needs, or you can select a comprehensive package which automatically includes the coverage most commonly requested by business owners.

Some of the businesses we cover include:


  • Retail stores
  • Professional offices
  • Service businesses (such as a maid service or beauty shop)
  • Garages (such as auto maintenance facilities or service stations)

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